Data Analysis Reporting Training for Journalists in the Niger Delta.

In 2006, Clive Robert Humby coined the phrase “Data is the New Oil”. In 2019, Michael Palmer further expanded this quote by stating, that data if unrefined, can’t be really used to great effect, hence data must be broken down and analysed for it to present real value. Unfortunately, CSO and government regulatory agencies lack the basic networks and technical tools to effectively analyse and interpret these data for “qualitative” and “strategic” environmental interventions. In response to this identified challenge, the Media Awareness and Justice Initiative (MAJI) in collaboration with project stakeholders, implemented the training of citizen journalists, independent reporters and newsrooms in Rivers, Bayelsa and Akwa-Ibom states. 

Interactive and capacity building sessions with Journalists in Rivers State

Using participatory methodologies, these capacity building sessions aimed at engaging and improving the capacity of newsroom correspondents, journalists and media reporters to gather, analyze and effectively report on environment and climate using qualitative and quantitative data tools. The trainings under this project component focused on the Effective use of qualitative and quantitative data tools in environmental reporting. The interactive sessions also explored innovative ways journalists can build synergies and create linkages for sustained interactions with strategic stakeholders at the rural and state levels.

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